About Me

My name is Anthony Farias but everyone knows me as “Eli.” I am an Artist but more than that I am a creative thinker who hopes to change the world and do some good here on this earth before my time is up. I became an artist to inspire the minds of the youth, invigorate our culture and give back a little beauty to this world. 

Over the years I have been Featured in various publications. 

Currently I am working on large oil and acrylic paintings on stretched canvases. The style of my work varies and changes depending on my mood and inspiration. Somedays it is energetic, loose, abstract and filled with emotion and other days its technical, planned, and masterfully created. I paint what I feel and if I feel the urge to paint or do something different in my creative process I usually take that opportunity. 

It’s through these explorations, these urges that lead to an end product I never envisioned. My main influences are Jackson Pollack, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci. You add a little influence of graffiti and street art and you have the various styles of my work. It’s different, interesting, unique, engaging, bright and one of a kind.